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Quantifiable Edges Weekly Research Letter:

Receive in-depth research and analysis every weekend from Quantifiable Edges.

The research posted to the blog is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Quantifiable Edges Nightly Subscriber letter features additional research, market statistics and analysis most every night.  On weekends the research and analysis increases.  Now that additional weekend research is available in a weekly research letter!

 Included in the Quantifiable Edges Weekly is the following:

1)      A detailed summary of all recent studies that I consider currently influential – With so much discussed and looked at, many times it's helpful to see it neatly laid out.  What’s had bullish implications and what’s bearish?  All the most recent and active research is listed here.

2)      Short-term overview – What are my studies suggesting for the upcoming week?  I lay it out in detail here.  Also featured in this section is the Quantifiable Edges Aggregator – see what the studies are suggesting compared to how the S&P has been performing in a graphical format.  An invaluable tool for short-term market trading.

3)      Intermediate-term overview – I discuss my outlook from one week to two months out.  Both the short and intermediate-term outlooks frequently come complete with details and research not found anywhere on the blog.

Start your week right.  Understand how the recent market action compares historically.  Get more detailed research than has ever been provided on the blog.  Give yourself and your trading a Quantifiable Edge.

Quantifiable Edges Charts Pages:

The Quantifiable Edges  charts pages show charts of many  unique  indicators.  These include proprietary indicators such as the CBI and the Volume Spyx indicators.  This collection of charts and indicators can be found nowhere else.

Clicking on any of the standard charts brings up the details page for that chart.  The details page shows not only a description of the indicator and a longer-term view, but also provides research and links to studies and posts related to the indicator.  If you're seeing an extreme reading on one of the charts, chances are there is already a study about it.  All you need to do is click through and the studies are easily accessible.

 The current price for a Silver Membership is only $30/month.  Save more with a yearly subscription for just $300.00.

"Worthwhile reading for the astute technician"
-John Bollinger, CFA, CMT

"Each day I become more and more a fan of your research." 
- Bill Luby (VIX and More)

"The insight into your research has been most vauluable" 
- S. Santana

"An excellent service - thanks very much." - M. Lavin