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Market Studies



The Studies
Several times per week  Rob will publish market studies in the Quantifiable Edges Blog.  Those studies typically look at the market through price, volume, sentiment or breadth indicators.  They play an integral part in determining his market outlook.  About 95% of the studies Rob publishes in the blog are done using Tradestation.  Readers may now purchase those studies to import directly into Tradestation.

What's Included
Each study comes with 1) an .eld file for importing to Tradestation, 2) a workspace already configured to view the study, and 3) a text file containing  the code in case you are running an earlier version of Tradestation and cannot import the .eld.

All studies are open source so that you may easily change them to conduct further research on Rob's ideas.

All studies contain flexible inputs that can be changed or optimized.  For instance in many of the blog studies, Rob will show how the market has performed "X" days after a certain event.  "X" is typically a flexible input that can easily be optimized to  see whatever number of days you like in one report.

No Math Or Programming Required!
If you can download and open a file you can conduct market research.  The pre-set workspaces and inputs make it a snap.  Directions for settings and further research are included at the top of each study.

Currently Available Packages
- All Available For Immediate Download After Purchase!

Quantifiable Edges Follow Through Days Study  - $24.95

A quantitative study of the Follow Through Day, created by William O'Neil.  Flexible inputs allow you to adjust the definitions of a "successful" rally or a "failed" Follow Through Day.  Also adjust the parameters for how large a pullback needs to be before a Follow Through Day is sought.  Another adjustable input is the % increase required to trigger a FTD.  See how making all these adjustments would have affected Follow Through Day statistics over time.  Code is also included so that you may clearly see where the success target and failure stops are on the chart.  If you use Follow Through Days as a tool in your trading, you owe to yourself to understand how they really work, what is the edge they provide, and how that can change based on different assumptions.

Quantifiable Edges 1st Quarter Studies Package (Does not include Follow Through Days) - $195

In all, there are 45 studies included in the Quantifiable Edges 1st Quarter package.  At a time when programmers charge $100 - $150/hr, I’m offering the entire package for $195.  That’s about $4.33 per study.  All open coded.  Flexible inputs for further research.  Ready-to-import data files for those studies that need it (like the Consumer Sentiment Index study).  If you want to test you own ideas in Tradestation, this group of studies can also provide some nice templates to work with.   Purchase and dowload studies and workspaces into Tradestation within minutes!

Lagging / Leading Nasdaq Studies - Includes Nasdaq/NYSE Relative Strength Indicator and Studies from 2/27/08 , 3/04/08 , and 3/24/08. - $25.00
Fed Studies - Includes all 3 Fed Studies from 3/18/2008.
- $25.00
Coming Soon! - The Follow Through Day Package.

Currently Available Individual Studies -
All Available For Immediate Download After Purchase!
All current studies are written in Tradestation 8.2 and are importable into 8.2 and 8.3.  Those running older versions may need to copy and paste the included text files.

April 28, 2008 - Ten High Straight Up -

April 18, 2008 - Intraday Breadth -
April 15, 2008 - WR7-NR7 Rapid Range Contraction - $2.00
April 14, 2008 - Sharp Drop In Congestion - $12.00
April 4, 2008 - Trend Over Volatility (TOV) - $12.00
April 4, 2008 - Contraction Before Employment - $12.00
April 1, 2008 - 3 Very Big Up Days $12.00
March 31, 2008 - End Of Quarter Markup Study - $12.00
March 27, 2008 - Light Volume Pullbacks
March 26, 2008 Studies -
(includes 2 studies) -  $18.00
March 25, 2008 Studies (includes 2 studies) - 1) Two Consecutive Surge Days and 2)  VXO Stretched Below 10-ma.  $18.00
March 20, 2008 - Big Up Big Down ShowMe Study - A ShowMe study rather than a strategy.
Only $5.00!
March 19, 2008 (Includes 3 studies!) -
March 18, 2008 - Fed Studies Package - $25.00 - Contains all three Fed studies.
March 16, 2008 - Michigan Consumer Sentiment -$12.00 - Includes Michigan Consumer Sentiment Data File From 1978 - 3/2008 ready to import into Tradestation.
March 12, 2008 - Bottom Explosion - $12.00

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